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November 24, 2021 Happy Thanksgiving! May the pumpkin pie be with you! ---- ---- ---- November 19, 2021 Sure am glad the fascist of 'antifa' weren't allowed to get away with attempted murder! I'm not sure how three white rioters represent some form of racism, or what any of this has to do with skin color, but I'm glad democrat poll workers weren't able to cheat on this case. Underneath all the media lies is the real America waiting to come through. God Bless the USA! ---- ---- ---- November 13, 2021 I can't help but wonder if our enemies are as interested in diversity as America seems to be? Wait until they see our pink 'camo' uniforms, that'll protect us! Add in our current leadership, the enemies of the world don't stand a chance... Seriously!?! I'd feel safer with the leadership of 'The Big Lebowski'!

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